some of my dreams, desires, goals. and randomness
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if you want to understand the psyche of our generation take a good look at the stories we tell ourselves about the future

because it isn’t flying cars or robot dogs, it’s faceless government surveillance and worldwide pandemics and militarized police brutality and the last dregs of humanity struggling to survive

our generation isn’t self-centered, or lazy, or whatever else they wanna say about us. we are young, and we are here, and we are deeply, deeply afraid.

I’ve come to realize that you’re really just not worth it. I have put thought into it and also came to the realization that why would I want to be with someone that has made me feel that I’m probably not pretty enough, smart enough or “tough” enough to be with. Or to be with someone that doesn’t really show that they really want to be with me but only gives reason as to why they shouldn’t be with me. I deserve to be with someone that when they look at me, they couldn’t imagine missing out on takin a chance with me because they see my worth. Its true what a friend said, si te crees la gran cosa. It sucks tho that it’ll take me awhile to not care anymore cuz what I feel is real… but it doesn’t matter.